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Siegward Sprotte Stiftung, Potsdam

Texts and Aphorisms

The New Paradigm: Face to Face

Siegward Sprotte Stiftung, PotsdamI am deeply indebted to violin playing for vital impulses. Playing Händels sonatas made me familiar with the varied pace, the constant and progressive change and a pace which does not degenerate into counter-reactions because it never marks time, because it is free from repetitions.

The pupil was probably unaware of the kind of discipline he was taught. Constant practice afforded him relaxation in the midst of action.

You learn the way, the art of moving free from the tedium of an even pace.
You experience the logical consistency which continues to be effective, which has consequences.

Do you secretly practice the art of an indefatigability which by variations can keep itself inexhaustibly alive?"                                                                                

- New York, Greenwich Village, 1980