Siegward Sprotte Stiftung, Potsdam

Responsibilities and Aims

Responsibilities & Aims

Siegward Sprotte Stiftung, PotsdamIn 1992 the non-profit SPROTTE FOUNDATION was founded by Siegward Sprotte as well as  international friends and collectors, in his birth town Potsdam, where Sprotte became a honorary citizen.
The foundation owns a great number of paintings, watercolours and drawings, manuscripts and notes.
The main task of the Foundation consists of preserving his artistic and philosophical work, regular exhibitions, and the public presentation of Sprottes lifework "Lebenswerk".

In our time a world of growing symbiosis is arising. A world in which the most different origins, views and philosophies, cultural patterns and paradigms are approaching and supplementing each other.

The past antagonisms of an uncompromising "either - or" are giving way to the formation of simultanities, entities reconciling dissimilarities in themselves.

Siegward Sprottes art is both symptom and reflection of such a tendency and mentality.

The foundation bearing his name in accordance with his artistic and literary-philosophical works seeks a future consciousness, mastering the contrasts
between Art and Language, Sight and Speech, Creation and Perception.

- Herbert Meier